Dancing in the Uncertainty: Tools for Ease and Grace in Troubled Times

Everything is moving around you; nothing stays the same. When everything has a story that could easily be held onto by the mind, the most crucial thing is not to. To hold on to the stories is to get swept up in the storm, your mind whirling and tumbling through time and space. This will happen from time to time, as we learn to come back to our center of being. This center of our being is pure formless presence, the experience of awareness. Being aware of our awareness is still, it is pure being-ness. Boundaries are unknown to this state, and once tapped into, what you are is so expansive and weightless. This is peace.

Now, in my experience, I am still learning how to surrender to this state of being-ness. I am human and I do enjoy the human experience of forgetting so that I can once again remember. It feels good to remember! It’s a unique experience for consciousness to take form in this body and I want to explore what is possible in this realm of form, though, as many times as it takes and as often as I can, I tune into this formless presence that is consciousness. At any time, I can remember who and what I really am, and let the uncertainty that surrounds me be a song I dance to.

I hope this quick, 7-minute meditation will help you find the ease and grace of pure presence.

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