Storytelling as Medicine for the Modern World

square drum medicine

“How do we deal with the weight of current problems, and come together to solve them?”

Everything has been turned upside down, and while the world keeps turning, concerns keep growing about the state of our world. That which has been festering behind the mainstream’s awareness for so long is coming out like a fierce flame and setting fire to our lives. We cannot ignore the state of our social, environmental, and political systems—as they are all burning. Our hearts are all a flame, and we feel hurt no matter which side we are on. May this fire lit by insatiable greed and extreme separation burn away the impurities of our culture, and uhm, QUICKLY…please. While there is seemingly no end here, what do we do in the mean time?

How do we deal with the weight of these problems, and come together to solve them? Well, simply put, we are to feel. Feel the emotions, without rejecting them, and understand their source. Our collective discomfort has eroded our pretty and perfect surfaces, revealing all those emotions hidden below. Pay attention to them. Accept and understand them. Heal them. As for coming together, well, that happens a lot more easily when we acknowledge our own emotions first.

A Greater Perspective:

As a baby travels through the birth canal everything is uncomfortable, for child and mother. I believe that’s where we are now, on our way to a rebirth of systems that will be adapted to the current and desperate needs of the Earth and her children. Right now, we are realizing we need to let go of the ways of living that destroy life, yet the cord is still attached to the world we’ve always known. Struggling through the canal is a right of passage, however, and we must have the courage to face the situation and the emotions that arise if we are to create anything new together. Stories can help with this process.

Imagine gathering around wise elders that you’ve known for your whole life. You are being lifted and empowered by their words, comforted by their wisdom. In these moments you know everything will be okay because they’ve been through it, living life with respect to themselves, the Earth, and all beings. You have courage to face your inner and outer world because they do. There are very low amounts of wise elders in this western world, and a similar number of stories.

In the video below, we wish to share the empowerment that stories can foster as we tell (and sing) a tale of finding courage in the face of weighted grief. Found in the book here, that references cosmology and mythology from tribal cultures of Amazonia.

More of our stories can be enjoyed by listening to Tales for the Trails anywhere podcasts are found. I also highly recommend the podcast The Living Myth by Michael Meade, for his podcast changed mine and my partners life!

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