The Dual Path

There is a path that guides life through time and space, around and around, but never touching the same point twice. The upward spiral appears to be flat from above or below, but from any other dimension it is far from flat. We are carried through the cycles of the seasons of our lives or even seasonal moments. How long we stay within each season is up to how well we let it happen through us, topped with our intention and willingness to use the benefits of each one.

“Degeneration is not worse than regeneration, it just is. It is simply on the same continuum, that continuous upward spiral of life unfolding.”

When the darkness, the stillness, the ebbing tide of your moments finds you, do you fight it? You can resist as long as it takes for you to find the seeds of potential within it. Ask what lies waiting for you in this space? Where is the gift? If fear arises, feel it, acknowledge it, but do not let it immobilize you. Trust in the force which drives the seasons you witness in your surroundings, for the new life you behold in spring would and could never exist without the chance to shed in the fall and be still in the winter. Degeneration is not worse than regeneration, it just is. It is simply on the same continuum, that continuous upward spiral of life unfolding.

In my painting I titled The Dual Path (Shown above and found here), you can see the path traveled inward–down into the depths– spiraling in from the corresponding season of fall or winter. In the center is where we experience and give love to the darkest parts of ourselves in order to discover our innate strength to travel the second path outward, ready to bloom into all we can become at that moment in time.

Mantra: I trust in the natural flow of energy and that the stillness and darkness will provide me with whatever insights I need to move forward.

Journal Prompts for deeper insight:

  1. Any of the seasons may be accessed at any time, just like the Yin energy, the Yang, or any blending of energy in between them. If you feel there is something in your life you need to give more life to, envision the loving force working up from the roots conspiring with the air to bring new blossoms into view. Imagine a color that excites you such as orange or pink, and fill the new blossom with that energy as you take it in with you minds eye and heart. Trust that your roots are working to bring you new energy, and see if there is anything in your life blocking the nutrients from working. Kindly acknowledge the blocks, if any, and release them (or vow to release through a different ritual or new life habits). Use the power of your emotional need for revitalization to bring this energy into your life. Feel it deeply, then release it, knowing that it is coming to you. You are doing the work and it will pay off.
  2. Remember a time when you were in a funk. Recall your pain with compassion and love. Were you gentle on yourself in that space? Did you allow space to feel what you needed to feel? Do you recall what the journey was like coming out of the darkness? Once you felt restored and ready for new projects or to reconnect to the outside world could you see the benefit of your previously ebbing energy? There are always insights if we let them come through, it could have been as simple as your psyche demanding rest so you could learn to care for yourself. Reflect on how you have changed your habits since that time of darkness.

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